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Public | 22-Feb-2023

Roman Theater Amman

The Roman Theater in Amman, also known as the Amman Citadel Theater or the Odeon, is an ancient Roman amphitheater located in the heart of Amman, Jordan. It was built during the reign of Emperor Antoninus Pius in the 2nd century AD and is one of the most impressive and well-preserved examples of Roman architecture in the Middle East. The theater has a seating capacity of around 6,000 people and was originally used for various performances such as plays, musical shows, and public speeches. Today, the theater is still used for cultural events, including the annual Amman Citadel Festival, which features music, dance, and theater performances. Visitors to the Roman Theater can explore the site and climb to the top row of the seating area to enjoy stunning views of the surrounding city. The theater is located near other significant historical sites, such as the Amman Citadel and the Temple of Hercules, making it a popular destination for tourists interested in the rich history and culture of Jordan.
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