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Public | 09-Jan-2024

Wakas of Ethiopia.🇪🇹

The Konso people in Ethiopia are one of the nationalities well known for their unique funerals organized for the tribe chiefs. Wakas (wagas, waakas) are burial structures erected after the death of important men. The statues, made from juniper wood, were placed in prominent places: public courtyards, at the entrance of the village, on well-worn paths. In the wakas' line the central figure is usually the main man, he is then surrounded by his wives; and sometimes also by people killed by his extended family, or clan; and even wild animals also killed by his extended family... One interesting point about Konso culture is that they mummify their deceased kings for a period of nine years, nine months, and nine days before interring them, and they remain on view during that time in the village center. The origin of the tradition is now lost but it has been done so long that nobody remembers why anymore, but people just believe in following tradition.
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